Birding Tours in Peru

The potential that Peru Birds has as a destination for tourism bird watching is huge and you need to take advantage of it since It is an activity that generates a significant flow of foreign currency. The Peru Birds is one of the countries with the highest number of fauna and fora species: 23 008, and of these, 5872 are endemic, that is, they only inhabit our country. Particularly noteworthy are the bird species, of which there are more than 1800 in Peru Birds.

Being a highly specialized item, the Peruvian offer It is also obliged to move towards the standards that Birdwatchers enjoy in other countries. To achieve it, it is We need to know in detail what kind of people are dedicated to bird watching, what aspects they take into account when deciding their trip, where they stay, how long their stay lasts and how much they spend, among other relevant data. Bird watching, also called bird watching or, using the terms with which it is known in English, birding or birdwatching, is an activity focused on the observation and study of wild birds with bird watching in Peru.