Birds Peru – Huacarpay – Manu Cloud forest 5 days

Birds Peru – Huacarpay – Manu Cloud forest 5 days

A 5 day trip covering the best sites on the Manu National Park Road. Tanagers, Hummingbirds, Trogons, Toucans, Hoatzin, Sungrebe, Sunbittern, Antbirds, Woodcreepers are the highlights. Also a lot of Butterflies and Tropical plants. This short trip is designed to give the best of everything for birders that are on a tight schedule.
Birds of the Cusco very early in the morning to the Huayquecha Biological Station and Huacarpay lagoon where we can see many species of birds, as well as lead lane, rusti fronted (canastero), hummingbirds (the bearded mountaineer), hawks, hawks, some 50 species of birds are observed around the lagoon, etc



Bird Peru Day 1:

Cusco – Huacarpay – Huayquecha Biological Station

Today we leave at 5:30 am from your hotel and head towards Laguna Huacarpay, which will take approximately 45 minutes. We will be able to see the ENDEMIC Bearded Mountaineer, which is a special hummingbird found in this area. It is not the only hummingbird you can see in the region of Cusco, but it does not exist in any other region of the world. We can also observe many other types of birds such as: Plumbeous rail, Cinnamon teal, Puna teal, Yellow billed pintail, White tufted grebe, Cinereous harrier, Black chested buzzard Eagle, Streak fronted thornbird, Many colored rush tyrant, Rusty fronted canastero and creamy crested spinetail which are also ENDEMIC birds, and many others. Afterwards, we will have a quick breakfast and then continue looking for more birds around the lake. Later we will take the bus to Manu. We will then arrive at the highest part of the tour to have lunch at the entrance of Manu National Park (3565 masl.) From here we will enter the cloud forest to see tanagers, hummingbirds, antpittas, tyranulets, flycatchers, toucans and toucanets and many other bird species. We will arrive at Huayquecha Lodge around 4:30pm. At night before we go to bed we will look for Swallow tailed nightjars.

Birds Peru Day 2:  

Huayquecha Biological Station to Watching Birds

We will start our day at 5:40am to observe birds at an elevation of 3600 masl. In this area we can see birds such as: Puna thistleail, Rufous Antpitta, Puna Tapaculo, Greal sapphirewing, Yungas pygmy Owl, Red crested cotinga, Barred fruiteater, Buff Brested Mountain Tanager, Hooded Moumtain Tanager, Grass green Tanager, Golden plumed Parakeet, Scaly naped Parrot, Moustached plowerpiercer, Rufous Bellied Bush tyrant, Sedge wren, Scarlet Bellied Mountain Tanager, White browed conebill, Three striped Hemispingus, Line fronted Canastero, Scribble tailed canastero, and many more birds. Then we will return to our lodge at Huayquecha for lunch and a short break. In the afternoon we will look for: White winged Black tyrant, Rufous capped thornbill, Plushcap, Crimson mantled woodpecker, Trilling tapaculo, Gray breasted Mountain Toucan, and Blue capped tanager. At night after dinner we will again look for Swallow tailed nightjars.

Birds Peru Day 3:

Huayquecha Biological Station – Cock of the Rock Lodge

Today we will head to Cock of the Rock Lodge. On the way we will search for birds such as: Golden collared tanager, Grass green Tanager, Scaled metaltail, Mountain Cacique, white collared jay, Barred parakeet, Barred fruiteater, Band tailed fruiteater, Marcapata Spinetail , Red and white antpitta, Blue Banded Toucanet, Hooded Mountain Tanager, Black and Chestnut Eagle, Black solitary Eagle, White throated Antpitta, Slaty Tanager, Slaty Backed Chat tyrant, Fulvos Wren, Chestnut crested Cotinga, Crested Quetzal, Golden Headed Quetzal, Black Streaked Puffbird, Yellow Throated Tanager, Buff Breasted Mountain Tanager, Superciliary Hemispingus, and many more. At night we will look for Rufous-bellied Nighthawk.

Birds  Peru Day 4:

Cock of the Rock Lodge (Lower Manu cloud Forest)

In order to visit the “Lek” of the Peruvian National Bird called the Andean Cock of the Rock we will have to start the day very early in the morning. At the lek we can see the “Gallito de las Rocas” displaying; besides the Andean Cock of the Rock we can also see species such as: White crowned Tapaculo, Yungas Manakin, Crested Quetzal, versicolored Barbed, Orange Eared Tanager, Highland Motmot, and many more. After the morning activity, we will return to the lodge for breakfast then go for a walk along a trail to see more birds such as: Slaty Gnateater, Chestnut breasted Wren, Cinnamon faced Tyranulet, Spotted Nightingale Thrush, Amazonian Ambrella Bird, Tyrannine Woodcreeper, Masked Trogon, Crimson Bellied Woodpecker, Black Streaked puffbird, Paradise Tanager, Saffron Crowned Tanager, Golden Tanager, Brown Tinamou, and possibly monkeys. Later we will return to the lodge for lunch. Around the lodge we have flowers that attract hummingbirds; in total we will be able to see around 13 species of them: Booted Racket Tail, Wire crested Thorntail, Gree Hermit, Buff Tailed Sicklebill, Many Spotted Hummingbird, Violet Fronted Brilliant, White Bellied Woodstar, Peruvian Piedtail, long Tailed Sylph, Wedge Billed Hummingbird, Speckled Hummingbird, Fawn Breasted Brilliant, and common Sparkling Violetear are the species of humming birds we can see. After lunch we will take another walk along the road to see the Lyre Tailed Nightjar and the Rufusent Screech Owl. Then we will return to the lodge to have dinner.

Birds Peru Day 5:

Cloud Forest Cock of the Rock Lodge Return to Cusco

After some final birding in lower Manu cloud forest, we will travel back to Cusco picking up species we may missed.













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