Birds Piura


  • Piura Department
  • Piura Province
  • Location 5 ° 12’0 ” S 80 ° 37’60 ” W / -5.2 , -80.63333
  • Latitude 05 º 12 ‘
  • Altitude 80 º 38 ‘
  • Length 29 m
  • Distance 173 km from Lima
  • Foundation 1532
  • Population 450,363 inhabitants ( 2007 census )



If you ‘re traveling by car, are approximately 13 hours . If you do travel by bus , then takes a few more hours . Daily, several bus lines depart bound for Piura : usually make a day trip and one night 1 035 km from Lima Arid Climate and the average maximum temperature is 31.2 C and the minimum 17.7 c in summer rains quite often especially when the child presents

  • Since lima 13 h
  • In flight 1 h 15 from lima
  • 40 min from Trujillo
  • 30 min from Chiclayo


Arid and warm maximum temperature is 31.2 º C and minimum 17.7 ° C in summer rains quite often especially when the child presents current

PIURA . At km 978 of the Panamericana appears Piura ,

Finally , the valley . Chira river like an oasis after many kilometers of an arid but beautiful desert , ‘ horn is Sechuran Piura is the promise of fertile . Cotton fields and rice, is the land of the shopkeeper and chicha , good food and the sun The city, with over three – hundred thousand inhabitants, showing a colonial heritage proudly P. The Cradle of Miguel Grau, one of our most beloved heroes Catacaos are best goldsmiths who work in filigree , gold and silver . potters and best in CHulucanas . Its deserts , traveled by donkeys and goats, are also beautiful . In its ports , beaches and coves all possible varieties of ceviche is prepared. Lovers of water sports will find the delicacies ‘ seas for surfing, fishing ‘ height and diving , in its mountains , worships Lord of the Captive Ayabaca and is the most famous healers of Peru , where people come to nationwide in contrast to heal herself. The list is long , Piura is the fate of all: beach lover and good weather you want to make your dream come true . Know it and enjoy it .


It is one of the oldest places in the beautiful country of Spanish court square, surrounded by tamarind trees , Ficus , Croutons , Cucardas , pickles Pocianas


Cathedral of Piura was built at the time. Colonial and save . Paintings of Ignacio Merino, such as San Martín Porras and the Virgin Mary . The altar is covered with gold country .


Located in Sullana Avenue , corner of Huanuco, modern infrastructure is more than 2,700 pieces from Vicus culture , among which are. The famous collection of gold Frías , which highlights the famous Goddess of Cold and a set of 61 gold objects showing the evolution and technology of ancient northern culture expressions of regional culture , as Chusis , Olleros and Tallan , also exhibit the hours are Tuesday through Sunday , from ‘ I7h – 9am .


This house belonged to the grandfather of the hero of the Pacific , Admiral Miguel Grau who was born and spent most of life there. Here , find a valuable collection of historical objects like the Room of the naval hero and his cot newborn, the sword that belonged to Miguel Seminario Jerome photograph of large and lavish parties carried -1906 and a replica of Huascar monitor , which killed Admiral Grau, admission is free but a donation to enter the check is requested Crafts and relax


Located 9 km from Piura, Catacaos is characterized by the ability to manipulate their craft straw, wood , leather, clay, clothes and, above all , gold and silver , with delicate filigree manufacturing . It is also a place famous for its hats scarf , known worldwide as ” Panama hats ” because they were exported to this country and everyone there . If you’re hungry , take a tour of the famous picanterías where chicha is drunk – poto and serving the best of regional cuisine . To reach Catacaos you can take a few groups that leave from the bus terminal Forest in Piura


A 29 km from Piura , known as the “city of the guayabera ” Sullana is an active trade city living with Piura, inland villages and Ecuador . It is populated by coconut groves whose leaves swaying in the wind in the afternoon.

To get there, you can take buses from Piura,


Located 50 km from Piura, is the main fishing port and one of the most important during the Viceroyalty . Today, preserves several colonial mansions with spacious balconies and house Muelita Saenz, who was the lover of Simon Bolivar. You like dusk in Paita enjoy the most beautiful moon across the country . Also, from there you can go to beaches like Yacila and Crayfish.


A 67 km from Piura , for many, this town is the best business chicherías the north coast . CHulucanas is the land of big ceramists . Among the best known craftsmen are Santodio Gerásimo Peace and Sosa . The best place to buy pottery is La Encantada, on the outskirts of town . Be sure to try their mango and lemon. You can get there by bus


Located 72 km from Piura, is a beautiful resort in the province of Paita. His beautiful church San Lucas, made ​​of straw and mud, was first founded by the Spanish in South America. This spa has excellent hotels and restaurants for your convenience and pleasure. To access this site , take a bus to Piura Paita : fare S / . 2.50 and travel time is one hour . To Paita Colan , at some combis they charge S / . 2 and the trip takes 15 min .


A 74 km. Piura , this fishing cove becomes resort during the summer months . In Yacila appreciate a dreamscape , and if you come in February, you will be part of his merry carnivals. There you can practice rappelling and sandboarding . If you come in a group, do not stop visiting Seal Island , an hour and a half of navigation, where you can see sea lions , gulls and penguins.

To reach this beach , you must first take a bus to Piura Palta :


A 105 km from Piura is Bayovar , which has a blue sea full of marine species such as dolphins, turtles and birds. The only way to stay on the beaches is camping, and the only sure way is with a 4×4 truck. Turn off at km 886 of the North Panamericana and from there, through 65 km of land. At the end of that path , activate -wheel drive to go along the coast to the south. It is highly recommended to go with a guide or someone who knows the area and go in two vans as it decomposes one. To Log in to Bayóvar , you must obtain a permit offices Petroperu in Piura or Lima .


Located 151 km from Piura is a small beach in the last century was a meeting of great personalities like Marilyn Monroe, Nelson Rockefeller, John Wayne and Ernest Hemingway , who spent long periods in their luxury boats , fishing Merlin .

In the north of Cabo Blanco, a beach is Ideal for surfing . To get there , you must take a detour of 12 km from the town of El Alto in the 1,136 km north of the Panamericana. Along the way, you’ll see ” horses ” or ” hammer ” that were used


A 175 km from Piura, this spa has a dock and a cove known as Punta Sailboats is located. Its beaches have good waves and abundant coconut trees , which provide shade during the hottest hours . A 6 km south of Bodies , The Ñuro find the beach , it’s highly recommended if you like surfing.


A 182 km. north of Piura , is this place for Peruvian fashion looking to escape the winter in a paradise of turquoise waters , white sand and vegetation. Because of its location , easy access to nearby beaches, as Bodies , 15 km south and 22 km Punta Sal north . To get to any of these beaches , you will take a combination of tourist services through the passage . If you prefer to arrive by plane , you can fly to Tumbes or Piura and from there take a taxi which will take you to Mancora At Easter , July 28 and New Year’s , the influx of tourists increases . If you want to go on those dates , you have to make reservations for travel and accommodations in advance.


Only 2 km from Mancora , this beach owes its name to a . Rocky formation , at low tide , makes some natural pools of warm water , which are used by visitors believe . There not only find hotel infrastructure, also rental properties . To get there, you just have to hang in Mancora Cabo Blanco Bridge and take a detour claimed 2 km. Slightly more luxurious than those of Mancora, the most beautiful hotels on the north coast are here

Picanterías CATACAOS:

Cata chaos Among the best known is La Chayo Jr. in San Francisco , famous for its green tamales and dry chabelo . On the street Mariano Diaz is El Rancho Sol tasting chaos, a cookhouse with green areas where the highlight is the Creole round, which includes mashed cassava , dried meat , pork ribs , dry kid with green beans and tamales . Do not forget to ask chicha or clearly, you serve it in pothos or ” cojudito Mancora is the prettiest Peru and most feature rich for its easy access and its reputation beach. Lovers sea you InState to live here and have managed to offer travelers a number of outdoor activities that you can not miss .


Ask at the hostel from Wawa Ideal Surfing is between November and February , when the sea is because ” it gets bigger.” Mancora and can get to the pool sweep riding in one hour , renting them on the beach of Mancora. Bodies have the waves more accessible . You can rent boards at many local beach of Mancora where tables and costumes sell , rent equipment and give surfing lessons ( table candle) , is more extreme and more difficult. [/ Color] [/ b]


About 11 km east of Mancora in Fernández creek, a natural pool of hot water and medicinal mud purify you and leave you with a grateful heart skin and relaxed . You can reach this place on horseback. ‘s Constantly on the offer . beach


Daily tours to the forest that includes horseback riding and swimming in waterfalls a pool of mud S / He provides . 320 per person. She is also a professional guide and has boating . Created a two-day route through the tropical forest of Playa Rica , to S / . 480 per person. Kayaking . They are ideal for bird watching and cost S / . 230 per person per day


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