Birds Puno


  • Puno: Department
  • Puno: Province
  • Puno: District
  • Location: 15 ° 50’15 ” S 70 ° 01’18 ” W / -15.8375 , -70.02167
  • altitude: 3,827
  • Foundation November 4, 1668
  • Population 120, 229 census 2007 inhabitants



From Lima can be reached by road to Arequipa and Juliaca in the delay path 18 hours you can also choose to take a flight to Juliaca only 1hr 45 min delay


Is eco semis cold rainy season starts in October and ends in April and the highest average annual temperature is 14 ° C and minimum 3 ° C


The city of Puno is seated on the shores of Lake Titicaca is located at a height that seems to get the stars to easily take your breath was also next to what is now Bolivia the territory of the Tiahuanaco culture from 800 to 1200 AD also felt the presence of the Inca empire as evidence is the temple of the phalluses in Chucuito the ceremonial temple worship or convertibility steps of Spanish are also present in the construction of churches in various towns of the departments and Lampa and Juli in its various colonial style houses located in the heart of the city ‘s main attraction is lake Titicaca Puno birthplace of the founders of the Inca empire extension includes part of Peru and Bolivia and has an area of ​​8,560 km a depth of 227 meters and has 36 islands just 5 km from the city is to Uros floating island inhabited by the Aymara still retaining traditions and customs of their ancestors even Uros they ask to be called Aymara Uros and not 30 km Quechua is the only locals on the island Taquile a short distance away is the island Amantani featuring natural lookout from where you can fully appreciate the Suasi Titicaca is the community of Cambria on Lake Titicaca is an island private and only a resting place where you can enjoy the diversity of flora and fauna just 34 km from the city d puno are chullpas silluatani where you can find the forest Tinajani impresses its large rock formations pucara


It was built in 1757 on the model of the church of Jesus in the countryside of Cusco facade is Baroque style , inside you can see from the Cusco School paintings and pictures as Mr. bullet


It is located four blocks from the main square in his mountain lookouts , From there you can see the whole city and the lake at its top is a monument of Macco Ccapac reportedly has underground caves connecting the hill with temple of Viracocha


This is a ceramics museum exhibits . Textiles and prehistoric lithic period


It is located next to the museum Dreyer. This colonial home has xvll century art display puneño coffee bar and Internet access is dedicated to the dissemination of cultural activities


It is located in the shred Cahuide Alfonso Ugarte there is available garments alpacas and sheep can also buy ceramics and mascara very economic appreciations among other objects


It is a farm located 8 km from the city of shores of Lake Titicaca is a good place for walking and horses


Located 18 km from the city. this town was the center of collecting taxes for the colony, you can still see original buildings made of stones as houses arches and lintels , in its place stands a sundial alabaster , which was used for punishment during the Holy Inquisition, to his side is the ceremonial Inca Uyo temple also called temples of penises one reciento possessing between twenty and thirty phalluses embedded in the ground, it is believed that provided guidance for the seasons and ceremonial fertility center


A 34 km from the city. It is located. Beside the Umayo lagoon. Sillustani Cemetery , famous for his ninety chullpas as circular towers built of stones. Where buried authorities collao


Its significance in Aymara is salt lake according to legend this lake was formed from the tears of a princess who wept for a lost love. Meet frete to Sillustani


S and is the capital of Puno and is one of the busiest commercial cities of Peru can be found in these large markets and shops of all kinds of products many people come here to do business


Are you village is located 79km from the city is the capital of Chucuito is known as the Little Rome of his four beautiful temples. was founded by the Dominicans who were later expelled by the Jesuits , in order to prepare priests for missions outreaches in the village stands the Renaissance church of San Pedro , who kept inside school paintings to Cusco and the renowned painter Bernardo Bitti


It is known as the Altiplano philosophical balcony because of their viewpoints is possible to admire the scenery . The church of St. James of the mestizo style, built in red stone portico its Renaissance style is decorated with fruit and flowers

Known for PUCARA called bulls ( handmade pieces of religious art character ) there you can visit the Museum Lithics Pucara displaying monolithic steles and zoomorphic sculptures Likewise Kalasaya could be found , an archaeologist site of Tiwanaku culture


A128 km city located between Lake Titicaca and is in Wiñaymarca Yunguyo capital Aymara culture, from there you can reach the area of Bolivia


According to the villagers. These hot springs are effective in curing rheumatic and skin disease . Because of its high percentage of sodium chloride , magnesium and zinc , these baths also reach temperatures reach 39c average and near creek picotines there also where you can see Vicuña Alpcas


In this town Pojpojquella hot springs located in five blocks from the square you can also watch the stone forest Tinajani in square stands the church of St. Francis of Assisi are . Baroque style


It is a stone forest formations where you can see print be among other animals with a Top, Torres or locomotive left . It is surrounded by bush and alpacas can find vicuna


It is located in the Moquegua Puno road at an altitude of 4,023 m there you can see paintings and buildings Chulpas funeral character of various sizes and shapes built by the Incas and Collas Lupacas


Aymara is a village sitting just 5km to the port of Puno , members will have the skill to make constructions on the bed of reeds Lake Titicaca , with them you can perform a variety of traditional activities


This island has natural viewpoints and some archaeological remains left by the Tiahuanaco culture as ceremonial centers and a cemetery of mummies. Its inhabitants are engaged in agriculture and handicrafts , whose objects include textiles and carved on stones


Villagers point out this island are of Quechua origin and are characterized by the pervasiveness of their traditions, customs and colorful costumes are engaged in fishing, agriculture and textile production , if you could visit


This is the name of an activity on Lake Titicaca . This tour is offered in Llacchon kayak sailing on the lake and appreciating the nature of the place


It is known as the Pink City by the picturesque walls of houses in the village stands the stone colonial church and its catacombs and a small museum that preserves a replica of Michelangelo ‘s mercy


During the month of February in the first days puno becomes the Folk Capital of America the streets are invaded by the faithful for dancers and colorful costumes up for tourists that pay homage to the patron saint , Virgen de la Candelaria by total love and devotion that people have the Puno Puno wears faith and is wrapped in a carnival party , becoming one of the largest Religious celebrations of the country from the colonial era to our day this festival lasts 16 days begins February 2 with conducting masses reunited buddies and musicians, then start given to the first procession and Mamacha is accompanied by a crowd who pray agrádese walk miracles many times, to get thrown confetti filled with prayers and the streets, the altars are prepared to honor is a ceremony filled with excitement and joy, the Virgin is visited by people from different places, that this party joins the next day people parade through the streets between music and dances amazing costumes this parade over the years it become a contest of folk dances involving hundreds of dancers and musicians who revel in their dances to thousands of viewers around the world the end of the contest the contest , the party bigger and everyone participates in them. It is an unforgettable experience


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