South Birding Las Piedras – Puerto Maldonado 10D/9N

South Birding Las Piedras – Puerto Maldonado 10D/9N

Las Piedras river is a new destination easily accessible from Puerto Maldonado that can be run throughout the year jungle trips. Birdlife and wildlife is similar to Manu National Park. The lodge is very comfortable. It is possible to add days at Tipishca and Iberia for special birds there (more for hard-core birders). We run tours for birders with expert birdguides with groups of minimum 2 people contact us BIRDAMAZON.COM.



Birding Day 1: Cusco Puerto Maldonado

After we accommodate in our hotel we will travel towards “La Pastora” where we will look for: White throated jacamar, Purus jacamar, Black banded Crake, Black Billed Seed finch, Gray Hawk, Horned Screamer, Buff Breasted Wren and some other species of birs.

Birding Day 2: Puerto Maldonado – Las Piedras

In the morning we will birding near the town lloking for Red Breasted Black Bird, Southern Lapwing, White Tailed Kite, Point Tailed Palmcreeper. In the afternoon we will travel to Las Piedras; along the way we will stop in order to find the following birds: Brazilian Teal ,White tailed Hawk, Red Breasted Black Bird. Pied lapwing, and Least Grebe. We will spend the night at Tambopata Expedition lodge in Las Piedras.

Birding Day 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8: Tambopata Expedition Lodge

In the area of Tambopata Expedition Lodge we have several trails, on these trails we can see species like: Black Faced Cotinga. Red bellied Piedtanager. Long crested Pygmy Tyrant. Musician Wren, Pale winged Trumpeter.

Close to the Lodge we also have a Macaw Clay Lick were we can see several species of parrots, parakeets and Macaws.

On the 6day we will visit an Oxbow lake called Soledad where we can observe species like: Agami Heron, Sungrebe, Azure Gallinule, Band Tailed Antbird. king Fisher, parrots, Macaws, Flycatchers, woodpeckers, Hawks, Toucans, Tanagers, among others; at the Oxbow lake we can also have the chance to see a family of Giant Otters as well as groups of monkeys.

Birding Day 9: Tambopata Expedition Lodge – Puerto Maldonado

Today we will travel back to Puerto Maldonado, in the way we can pbserve bird species like: Long Crested Pygmy Tyrant, Rufous twistwing, Southern Caracara, Pearly kite among other bird species.

Birding Day 10: Puerto Maldonado – Cusco / Lima

This morning we will visit La Cachuela, in the area we will have the chance to see species like: Little Tinamou, White Faced Whistling Duck and other species of birds. After birding we will head to the Airport where our services end.











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