Tambopata Birding Peru Trips 5 days

Tambopata Birding Peru Trips 5 days and 4 nights

In Tambopata there are the Collpas are key areas for conservation and tourism in the southeast of Peru birds. Previous studies conducted by members of the Guacamayo de Tambopata Project have shown that the area of southeastern Peru has a high abundance of bird and mammal clay licks and more bird licks than any part of South America and probably the world (Brightsmith et al., 2009). Lee et al., 2009). These collpas are visited by several species of large animals such as macaws, parrots, tapirs, monkeys (Alouatta and Ateles), huanganas, sajinos, deer, etc., in their eagerness to consume land as a supplement to their diet (Kyle 2001, Brightsmith et al., 2009). To himself, big cats and other predators also frequent them a lot in their attempt to get prey. Many of these animals are important tourist attractions of the region as well as important sources of animal protein for local people (Redford 1992). In turn, many of these species play important roles in the ecosystem, such as the dispersal of seeds and regular populations through the predation of tambopata – bird watching.



Tambopata Birding peru Trips 5 days/ 4 nights


Day 1: Puerto Maldonado to Lake Sandoval. Our staff will welcome you at the airport in Puerto Maldonado and drive you through the city to the boat dock on the Tambopata River. Here we board a motorized canoe and head towards, the nearby confluence of the mighty Madre de Dios River, the source of the Amazon River Just 50 minutes down river is landing port that will lead to Sandoval Lake. We walk a trail of 2 Km on we will find Monkeys, birds, and butterfly’s, at the end of the hike we take a paddle canoe on a narrow canal to flooded forest of palm trees that leads to the open waters of this peaceful lake. (Motors are prohibited on the lake).we paddle through the lake to our lodge which has a nice and great surrounding (hot shower is available) we included (L / D)


We will spend our days exploring in the forest to see it great flora, trees such as Brazilian Nut and Kapok the two largest trees in the area, we will visit both forest terrain flood plain and terra firme this habitat combination makes wildlife very good too for us and we are not going to forget our lake search to maximize our encounter with the endangered Giant River Otter, every evening we will do it outing to, to paddle around the lake to look for another endangered species , the Black Caiman which is a reptile as big them the North American Alligator, here we have great opportunity to see those magnificent animals including monkeys, are everywhere Included (B / L / D)


This day we started very early to visit the largest Macaw Palm Lick in the area which can be one of the trip highlight for some people, we will see about 100 parrots in that place and we complement the day with jungle walks on the best places we know to find the animals.        Included (B / L / D)

On the fifth day we back to Puerto Maldonado, for the airport on the way out we will enjoy the last nature sight, sounds and humid aroma !!!! Included only (B /)

What to see, Red Howler Monkey, Large-Headed Capuchin, Black-Headed Night Monkey, Weddell’s Saddle-Back Tamarin, Bolivian Black-Capped Squirrel Monkey, Toppin’s Titi Monkey, Shock-Headed Capuchin Other Mammals Capybara, Giant River Otter, Tyra, Brow Agouti, Red Brocket Deer, Bicolored – Spined Porcupine, Sloth, Southern Tamandua, Armadillo, and maybe some Cats.

Some Birds White Throated Toucan, Emerald Toucanet, Amazon Kingfisher, Red-Necked Woodpecker, Blue-Crown Trogon, Paradise Tanager, Blue-Crowned Motmot, Yellow-Tufted Woodpecker, Red-Capped Cardinal, Horned Screamer, Hoatzin, Capped Heron, Wattled Jacana, King Vulture, tour we will start at 8:30 a.m. We will take our private transport for 2 hours to the port. Tambopata where our boat and motorist will be waiting for us to continue our trip to Tambopata River for 50 minutes where we will observe different species such as birds, turtles, capybaras, white alligators ect if we have the opportunity to see the king of the jungle (Jaguar) who are taking the sun or tired on the beaches then we will arrive at our hostel “TAMBOPATA LODGE INN” we will welcome you with typical aphrodisiac soft drink of the amazonia accommodation in your respective room lunch In the afternoon we will take a walk in the primary forest full of millenary trees that coexist with many creatures like, insects, spiders, toads , butterflies, monkeys and some mammals ect After dinner we will do a nocturnal activity with our lanterns to observe alligators, capybaras and maybe some feline that is near the river at night that they naturally hunt at night. After this activity return to our hostel to rest in their respective room .

Birding Peru Day 4: Wild Peru  Tambopta – Macaw Clay Lick Chuncho

Today we will get up early at 5:00 am, where we will take our boat to travel upstream of the tambopata for 1 hour and 20 minutes enjoying a wonderful sunrise with the opportunity to see the king of the jungle (Jaguar) or anaconda on the banks of our Tambopata National Reserve. We will reach the clay lacquer. A giant blind comfortable, located a few meters away from Clay Lick, allows you to have the best possible position for the show that birds will show. The blind is located so close to the surface that you will not even need to zoom in on your cameras! As the sun rises over century-old trees, an explosion of life and color will burst before our eyes as hundreds of parrots and dozens of macaws eat clay to obtain their correct pH balance. In groups of two and three, the greedy red macaws and scarlet macaws come flapping, landing on the main part of the trees. The macaws will finally decide to go down and make a colorful and noisy display on the bare shores, getting all the clay. They can from the hard surface. While enjoying the sodium sediments, we have the unique opportunity to enjoy a healthy and extraordinary breakfast while watching the show (so yes, sit back and relax). After this activity, we will take our boat outboard and return to our hostel for lunch and rest. In the afternoon we will take a walk to explore the flora and fauna of the tambo pata reserve where we will meet great diversities of species in their natural habitat return to our lodge to enjoy a delicious dinner After dinner we will have a night walk listening to the songs and sounds of the night as Insects do, Spider, Tarantulas, Frogs, Snakes, Night Monkeys. Butterfly, beetles, some nocturnal animals after we return to our hostel to rest in their respective rooms private availability with mosquito nets, shower and bath.

Birding Peru Day 5: Tambopata Lodge Inn – Return to the City of Puerto Maldonado

Today is the last day of the tour where we will tell God we will take our breakfast right away we will move our backpacks to take our boat wake up very early to take our breakfast then we will pack our backpacks to continue our return trip to the city and Puerto Maldonado then we will take our boat by the river Tambo pata in the trip we will make some stops in the communities, Lake Condenado the 3 chimbadas and the native community of hell where we can talk about the native people their custom and their natural habitat in the afternoon we will arrive at the city of Puerto Maldonado











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