Wild Birds Cusco – Quince Mil – Puerto Maldonado 10D/9N

Wild Birds Cusco – Quince Mil – Puerto Maldonado 10D/9N

Travel to Puerto Maldonado may not be as pristine as the more famous Manu National Park road, but the birds are virtually the same and most of the special birds you search for on Manu Park – Puerto Maldonado road are also present on the Interoceanica, as the highway to Brazil is called. Other advantages include no flight but birding overland and access all year around. Manu Jungle Trips road is notorious for mudslides in the rainy season. Infrastructure is scarce but it is becoming better for each year the travel to manu.



Birds Day 1: Cusco Huacarpay – Quincemil

This morning we will visit Huacarpay lake, the area is found 45min away from Cusco, at this place we can observe some endemic species, the birds we can see there are: Bearded mountaineer, Rusty fronted Canastero, Streak fronted thornbird, Plumbeous Rail, Andean Negrito, Giant Humminbird, Many Colored Rush tyrant, Cimnamon Teal, Spot Billed Ground Tyrant, Puna Teal, White Tufted Grebe, Cinereous Harrier, Wren Like Rushbird, among others.I our way to Quincemil by Ocongate Town we will be able to see the following species: Chestnut Breasted Mountain Finch , Cream Crested Spinetail, Mourning Sierra Finch, Yellow Billed Tit Tyrant, Band Tailed seedeater.
At Abra Pirhuarani (4.725masl) we will observe bird species like: Gray breasted Seed Snipe, White Fronted Ground Tyrant, Andean Goose, and Puna Snipe, White Winged Diuca Finch. At Marcapata town, we will look for the following species: Marcapata Spinetail, Scaled Metaltail, Andean Condor, Rufous Antpitta, Sword Billed Hummingbird, and Black Chested Buzzard Eagle; near to Quincemil we will look for the Andean Cock of the Rock.

Birds Day 2: Quincemil – Marcapata

Today we will travel back towards Marcapata, there we wiulkl look for: Andean Cock of The Rock , Andean Condor, Dark Faced Brush Finch, Blue Capped Tanager, Rufous Atpitta, Marcapata Spinetail, Streak throated Bush Tyrant, Scarlet Bellied Mountain Tanager , Red Crested Cotinga, Violet Throated Starfronlet , Torret Duck, Torrent Tyranulet . Later, near to Quincemil we will look for: Saffron Crowned Tanager, Blue necked Tanager, Chestnut brested coronet, Chesnut Backed Antshire, and Orange Eared Tanager; at Quincemil we will look for: Fine Barred Piculet, Black Backed Tody Flycatcher, Masked trogon, Green Jay, Booted Racket Tail, White Bellied Woodstar, Many Spotted Humminbird, Violet Fronted Brilliant, Gray Breasted Sabrewing, Long Tailed Hermit, Green Hermit, Blue Tailed Emerald, among others. We will spend the night in a basic Hostel.

Birds Day 3: Quince Mil – Puerto Maldonado or Mazuco

Azure Gallinule, Burrowing Owl, Plain Crowned Spinetail, Long Tailed Tyrant, White lined Antbird, Rusty fronted Tody Flycatcher, Black faced Dacnis, Blue Dacnis, Military Macaw, Cabanis Spinetail, Vercicolored Barbet, Cimnamon Faced Tyranulet, Orange Breasted Falcon, Gray Breasted Crake, Paradise Tanager, Bay Headed Tanager, and endemic birds like: Black Backed tody Flycatcher, and Fine Barred Piculet. Later we will look for: Carmiol’s Tanager, Masked Tanager, Red Billed Tyranulet, White Browed Purpletuft, Gray Tinamou , Golden Collared Toucanet , Striolated Puffbird , Gould’s Jewelfront , Buff Tailed Sicklebill, Black Throated Brilliant , Violed Headed Humminbird , Rufous crested Coquette, Golden Tailed Sapphire , Black eared Fairy , Mottle Backed Elaenia , Two Banded Warbler, Black Crowned Tityra , Spangled Cotinga, Festive Coquette, Red Breasted Black Bird , White Tailed Kite , Southern Caracara, Southern Lapwing , Brazilian Teal. We will reach Puerto Maldonado in the afternoon where we will spend the night in a local Hotel. This day we will travel to Puerto Maldonado in the way we can observe the following bird species: Yellow Tyranulet, Bobolik, Black and White Seedeater, Blackish Rail, and uniform Crake.

Birds Day 4: Puerto Maldonado – Iberia

After Breakfast we will visit La Pastora in order to find the following bird species: White Throated Jacamar , Purus Jacamar , Black Banded Crake , Sunbittern , Buff Breasted Wren , Southern Lapwing , Chestnut Crowned Foliage gleaner , Barred Antshrike , Masked Tityra , Straight Billed Woodcreeper, Magpie Tanager , Hoatzing , Orange Backed Troupial , Chestnut Bellied Seedeater , Black Billed Seed Finch , Rusty Margined Flycatcher , Collared plover, Limkin, Pectoral Sanspiper , and Solitary Sandpiper. Later we will travel towards Iberia for about 3 or 4 hours. We will spend the night in a local hostel.

Birds Day 5: Iberia – Durand lodge

Today we will drive 15 minutes towards Oceanía looking for the following species: Black Faced Cotinga, Rufous fronted Anthruhs, Rufous Twistwing , Sulphur Bellied Tyrant Manakin, Blue Headed Macaw, Bamboo Antshrike , Spot Breasted Woodpecker, Blue and Yellow Macaw, chestnut fronted Macaw , Large Headed Flatbill , Tui Parakeet , Bluis Fronted Jacamar, Black Faced Tanager, and Greenish Elaenia. Later we will travel back from Iberia to Puerto Maldonado and then to Durango Lodge where we will spend the night.

Birds Day 6th, 7th & 8th: Durand Lodge

We will explore the area of Durango Lodge for 4days, there we will have the chance to observe the following species: Rufuos Headed Woodpecker, Manu Antbird , Pheasant Cuckoo , Lemon Throated Barbet, Scarlet Hooded Barbet , Gilded Barbet, Red Billed pied tanager , Bare Necked Fruitcrow , Purple Throated Fruitcrow ,Great Jacamar , Point tail palmcreeper , Striped Woodhaunter, Peruvian Recurvebill, Band Tailed Manakin, Round Tailed Manakin , Yellow Crested Tanager, Blue Crowned Manakin, Golden collared Toucanet , White Throated Toucan , Emerald Toucanet , Curd Crested Aracari, Ivory Billed Aracari, Rofous Breasted piculet , Red Necked Woodpecker, long Tailed Woocreeper, Amazonian Barred Woodcreeper, Black Banded Woodcreeper, Strong Billed Woodcreeper, Faciated Antshrike , Spot Winged Antshrike, Dusky Throated Antshrike, Barred Antshrike, Ornate Antwren, White Eyed Antwren , Stipple Throated Antwren , Pygmy Antwren , Sclter’s Antwren , Gray Antwren , Long winged Antwren, Yellow Breasted Warbling Antbird, Dot Winged Antwren, Gray Antbird, Blakish Antbird, Black Antbird,White Browed Antbird , Black Faced Antbird, Sooty Antbird, Plumbeous Antbird, Goeldi’s Antbird, Black Spotted Bare Eye, White Throated Antbird, Hairy Crested Antbird , Scale Backed Antbird , Spot Backed Antbird, Plain Throated Antwren, Black Faced Anthrush, Ash Throated Gnateater, Rusty Belted Tapaculo, Short Tailed Pygmy Tyrant, Johannes’s Tody Tyrant,Dusky Tailed Flatbill, Ringed Antpipit, Golden Crowned Spadebill, White Crested Spadebill, Crowned Slaty Flycatcher, Sirystes sibilator , Pink Throated Becard , Dull Capped Atila , Cinereous Mourner , Plum Throated Cotinga , Wing Barred Manakin , Blue Backed Manakin, Blue crowned Manakin ,Musician Wren ,Scaly Breasted Wren , Orange Headed Tanager , Yellow Backed Tanager , Guira Tanager , Flame Crested Tanager ,White winged Shrike Tanager , pectoral Sparrow , Buclkley’s Forest falcon, Slate colored Hawk, olive Oropendola, among other common species like: Trogons , Motmots, Haws, kites, Flycatchers, Jays, and Oropendolas. At nights we will look for: Crested Owl ,Black Banded Owl , Spectaclet Owl , Amazonian Pygmy Owl , Tawny Bellied Screech Owl, Great Potoo , Long Tailed Potoo , Common potoo , Ocellated Poorwill , Ladder Tailed Nightjar ,and Common Pauraque.

Birds Day 9: Durand lodge – Laguna Tres Chimbadas – Durand Lodge

This day we will sail up river for about 45min. towards the Parrot and Macaw Clay Lick; later we will visit the Tres Chimbadas Lake looking for lake birds and Giant Otters using a catamaran. There we can observe birds like: Horned Screamer , Green Ibis , Rufescent Tiger Heron , Gray Headed kite , Slender Billed Kite, Snail Kite, Black Collared Hawk, Green kingfisher, Amazon Kingfisher, Rufous and Green Kingfisher, unicolored Black Bird, Gray Necked Wood Rail, Band Tailed Antbird, Silvered Antbird , Amazonian Streaked Antwren, Spotted Tody Flycatcher , Boat Billed Flycatcher ,Lesser Kiskadee , Great Kiskadee , Black Tailed Tityra , Masked Tityra, Muscovy Duck, Sungrebe, Wattled Jacana, Purple Gallinule, Rufous Sided Crake, King Vulture, Pied Lapwing , Collared Plover, Anhinga, and Black Caracara. Free afternoon at Durand Lodge.

Birds Day 10: Durand lodge – Puerto Maldonado – Lima

In our final day we will drive you to the airport in Puerto Maldonado, along the roads we will stop to do some bird watching. Our services ends at Puerto Maldonado Airport.











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